Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Impact of ODC on MY CSC Project.

The result of my work with various communities through IBM’s On Demand Community (ODC) is paying rich dividence here in my CSC assignment. Each moment of my life here in Hai Phong calls the experience of my ODC work back home.

Patience, smile at any situation, commitment to transform myself and others and self motivation, the lessons I learnt from ODC are showing up in a big way. Sometimes I get a feeling that I was well prepared for this programme through ODC.

I have learnt to enjoy each moment of my life here despite tough situation and challenges. One thing is sure that opportunities can be created and the required result cann be achieved by enrolling people around us. Again people termed out to be vital resource in any success.

I have successfully managed to bring smiles on the faces of number of staffs in the NADAL company where I am doing my CSC assignment. Today, once again was a great day at my office as I trained Waiter staff, Bar tenders, Spa (Beauty Salon + Massage unit) staffs and Cashier (Receptionalists) on Basic Communication skills in English and Customer Management skills.

It was heartening to see the commitment of these people who are ready to implement whatever I say.

Apart from above, now the staffs have also been trained on Excel. Remember they did not know what a computer is before. Now the Attendence sheet, Shift Rota, Leave tracker, Payment tracker and the data entry / Management are being done using Excel by the same staff.

I am proud that I have contributed someway, though my Client’s dream was to get some IBM software in his company. I wish his dream could come true if I can create some possibility with the support from IBM Vietnam team.

Visit to International SOS School in Hai Phong also made my day enriching as I was welcomed with so much love and the director and the officials of the school want us to mentor the children on technology, which is a possibility from not only the Vietnam 3 but the teams to follow.

We are also visiting a Blind school tomorrow to look out for some opportunities there to help some children to help themselves.

More on SOS and Blind school in my next blog..

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