Sunday, March 8, 2009

One and Only NADAL

The J. S Company in Hai Phong Vietnam named in dedication to the famous Spanish Tennis Player Rafael NADAL. This is the one and the only company which has Bar Restaurant, Beauty Salon, the Massage unit and the Tennis Court. They call Restaurant as CAFE and Beauty Salon and Massage units together as SPA.

I am proud to work in such a great company which has made name for itself and attracting thousands of Customers all around. Very warm welcome received by 60 staff of NADAL on the first day on 3rd March. Though my Clients dream is to develop a software which can help to manage all the activities of the company, it looks very optimistic to fullfill his dream in a month's time.
My relationship with the Company has gone to the next level after training the staff on Basic Computers especially on Excel. It is challenging but very much possible to make a huge difference with the help of Interpreters and the CSC Hai Phong Blue Team.

Thanks to Vietnam Chaimber of Commerce and Industry, Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) and IBM for creating this excellent opportunity.

Watch this space for more when I take my journey forward...

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