Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday the 7th - A Special and Memorable

The words of flexibility and enjoying surprises , which we were discussing during in our pre work came live and true on Saturday, the 7th March. The day started even before the sun rise as we had to leave Hotel to "Ninh Binh" for a day trip. As we started our journey, for fewit was still continued night sleep, while some of us were having breakfast. It was too cold to stand at one place as we arrived Ninh Binh. To add to that the our first programme was to get into the boat.

It was enriching and exciting experience for me as this was the first time I ever travelled in a boat for such a long distance. I also helped along to motor the boat forward to cross three caves. It was nice to see people getting attracted towards us and singing songs for us. We were also privillaged to see a historical Pagoda.

After lunch (oops..managed to get some very good vegetarian food), we witnessed to see a great stone Church. (Photos in the below link).

Wedding party and a movie - "Ink Heart" made my day super special and complete. Lot of fun, entertainment, great hospitality by people and some learnings constituted the great experience of that day.

More skill exchange and words from my Client will be covered in my next blog.

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